A Guide to Bio Mex

Discover how easily they can be adapted & what they can be used for.

Prefabricated Top Cover Components

Discover the unique 'Multi Directional Hook & Loop System' components.

Bio Components

Discover the range of self-adhesive components.

Bio Orthotic Range

A diverse range of orthotics that come in different lengths, arch heights & densities.

Strive Medical Display Stand

Enhance your practice offering with our Strive display stands, exclusively designed for Clinical Practices.

Prescription Tropez

Tropez is a popular style with a backstrap for extra rearfoot control.

Prescription Java

An excellent style for patients with moderate HAV’s or limited ROM at the 1st MPTJ.

Bio Orthotics Infographic

An essential addition for any clinic.

Bio Slimline Infographic

Did you know our most popular Bio prefab also comes in a slimmed-down version?

Bio Skive Infographic

A Kirby Skive in a prefab! See how BIO SKIVE can work for you.

Bio Fashion Infographic

Hints and tips for prescribing the Bio Fashion

Bio Soft & Soft Plus Infographic

Need an insole with support and cushioning?

Structure Sensor

A quick & simple way to capture an accurate 3D impression of your patient's feet.

Bio Soft Introduction

Dual-density cushioning Polyurethane insoles.

Bio Skive Introduction

a unique full-length EVA insole with a medially deviated subtalar joint axis

Bio Advance Introduction

A range of EVA insoles available in 3 densities both in full and 3/4 lengths.

Bio Fashion Introduction

Designed to fit into low bulk heeled footwear.

Bio Slimline Introduction

EVA device incorporating a low bulk heel cup design & a lateral cutaway.

Bio Advanced

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