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    All new orthotic devices include a comprehensive six-month patient satisfaction guarantee covering adjustments to devices as originally prescribed. Devices are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship. We will adjust or remake the device at no charge as required to ensure patient compliance. New devices may not be returned for credit, as all devices are custom made for individual patients and cannot be reused or resold by the laboratory. Any device sent back for repair within the guarantee period requesting chargeable additions or accommodations not ordered initially will incur a repair charge.

    All chargeable repairs are also warranted for six months as described above.

    All new orthotic devices except leather, diabetic, golf and runner's moulds carry a lifetime guarantee against shell breakage.


    Casts will be stored digitally for a minimum of five years. There is a shipping and handling fee of $15.00 per order to return milled or plaster positive casts.

    One-day in-lab rush service is available at a cost of $50.00/order. Two-day in-lab rush service is available at a cost of $40.00/order. Three day in-lab rush service is available at a cost of $30.00/order. Four day in-lab rush service is available at a cost of $20.00/order. These fees do not include applicable shipping charges should you choose overnight return shipping.

    Consultations are available as needed free of charge with our skilled in-house technical staff or with our medical director, Timothy Siegfried, DPM.

    We provide repair services for devices produced by other labs and we warrant these repaired devices for six months as described above.

    Practitioners are entitled to two free pairs of custom orthotic devices per year at no charge. A 30% discount is available to each practitioner's immediate family and staff.


    Inbound shipping via FedEx Two Day Service, using our preprinted air bills or via the U.S. Postal Service using our prepaid business reply labels is free of charge. Inbound Overnight shipments using our account will be billed based upon actual cost. Orders shipped directly to patients will incur an additional charge of $16.00 per order.

    Our standard return shipping methods are via Federal Express Two Day or Ground Delivery Service and will incur shipping and handling costs of $15.00 or $13.00 per order respectively. Next Day, International, Alaska, and Hawaii return shipments will be billed based upon actual cost.


    Upon credit approval, terms will be extended as follows:

    • Terms are net 30 days from invoice.
    • A monthly statement will be mailed at the end of each month for your convenience.
    • We accept credit card payments using Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover.
    • Accounts with invoices more than 30 days past due may incur an interest charge compounding at a monthly rate of 1.5% and may be placed on COD status or credit hold.


    All new and chargeable repair orthotic orders come with a comprehensive six-month patient satisfaction guarantee. This covers adjustments to devices as originally prescribed. There has been some confusion about what this guarantee covers, so we have provided some more detailed information for you below:

    • The warranty extends for six months from the date Integrity Orthotics invoices the device.
    • Should a device be returned with the request that a chargeable addition be made, there will be a repair charge of $15.00 per pair for each such addition.
    • Should a change in the underlying orthotic shell material be requested, the device may incur an additional charge for the shell substitution.
    • The lifetime shell breakage guarantee does not apply to leather and diabetic moulds, golf devices, rigid gait-plate type shells to toes, or in-shell Morton's extensions. These shells are warranted for six months from the invoice date.
    • Should you wish Integrity Orthotics to make a device from positive casts provided by another lab, we will not be able to guarantee the in-shell correction of the device, as we did not do the cast work. All other aspects of our six-month guarantee will, however, apply.
    • Changes of shoe type or device type after the device is produced will not be covered under our guarantee but will rather be entered and billed as a new pair with a 2nd pair discount.
    • If a shoe or sandal is not sent in with the original order, but is sent with the repair, the appropriate fit to shoe or fit to sandal fee will be applied.
    • Should a shell fail after multiple refurbishments of an orthotic, this will be considered normal wear and tear, as material is naturally removed from the shell every time the device is torn down and refurbished. Thus, the shell guarantee will not apply in such cases. We will either reinforce the broken shell, should you agree, or charge you to make a new device.
    • Devices cannot be returned for credit without Integrity Orthotics first being given the opportunity to adjust them to the patient's satisfaction.
    • Orders simply refused by the patient are not returnable for credit.
    • Orders cancelled after fabrication has begun will be credited on a pro-rated basis dependent upon where they are in the fabrication process, as Integrity will have already incurred labor and materials costs.

    It is our wish to ensure that both you and your patient are satisfied, so we will make every effort to address any concerns that you have. Feel free to speak with your Account Representative at any time for clarification.

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