Summer Comfort Device

Shell Material: Polypropylene

Control Level:

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This is an ideal device for sandals with removable footbeds. Your patient doesn’t have to give up comfort to get stability or control. The top padding is thick enough to match the height of the original footbed. The shoe or sandal in which the device will be worn is required for fitting during fabrication. The standard configuration is:

  • Intrinsic forefoot posting
  • Black crepe neutral rearfoot posting
  • 1/2” heel seat
  • 1/8” polyurethane foam and 1/8” Plastazote® padding heel to toes
  • Black or camel Ultrasuede® top cover to toes


Shell: Polypropylene

Top Cover: Micro suede top cover to toes

Heel Post: Black crepe

All aspects of the device can be customised to your specific needs.


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From the beginning, all patient information and impression casts and scans have been reviewed by experienced biomechanical evaluators before a single step of fabrication begins.

Today, that procedure continues. In fact, Integrity employs 6 biomechanical evaluators. Everyday, our professional staff actively assist practitioners in arriving at diagnostic considerations, prescription choices and device selections.

We feel, as do most of our practitioners with whom we work, that a thorough review of all the facts, data and casts are essential in our mutual effort to produce the most therapeutically effective orthotics for each patient. Think about it. Could your patients first orthotic steps use our ‘second opinion’?


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