Welcome to the run up to Biomechanics Summer School 2024!

I have been asked to chair as well as lecture this year, which is a double privilege when we have such a variety of amazing speakers.

The lineup is truly world class. A smorgasbord of lecturers and researchers presenting their clinical take on a variety of podiatric biomechanics subjects. Running, diabetes, footwear, orthotics, assessments….it’s all here.

But as well as that, it’s a biomechanics summer school. This means there’s that feel of support and camaraderie. They say you should never meet your heroes, but that’s wrong. BSS is a brilliant experience to meet those who have influenced and encouraged you. I qualified in 1994, and one of the first articles I read after qualifying was Cornwall and McPoil, discrediting the STJN theory (the theory I’d just spent 3 years learning and struggling to use).  Kevin Kirby’s work filled that gap for me. When years later at a biomechanics summer school I got to sit with him and discuss a research idea, it was inspirational. He was patient and generous with his time, as over the coming years I found all biomechanics summer school speakers to be.

I hope you too will join us and take advantage of this truly unique opportunity.

I look forward to welcoming you in June 2024

Dr Paul Harradine

LBG Biomechanics Summer School chair and Key Note speaker.